Foreon Network Forms Strategic Partnership With CardanoGPT

Foreon Network
2 min readJul 14, 2023


Foreon Network is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with CardanoGPT.

CardanoGPT, well-known for its trailblazing Cardano-trained Generative Pre-trained Transformer @replyada, is developing several AI-driven products.

Among these products are AI-enhanced Telegram and Discord Moderation bots which provide invaluable support to projects established on Cardano and other blockchains.

These bots aid in community management, thereby easing the burden on project moderators by addressing straightforward inquiries.

How Does the Partnership with CardanoGPT Benefit Foreon Network?

This collaboration offers multiple advantages to Foreon Network, including:

  1. The Development of Foreon’s Discord & Telegram Moderation Bots: In tandem with CardanoGPT, Foreon Network will train and deploy its inaugural AI moderation bot for social channels, thereby simplifying community moderation and management.
  2. Joint Marketing Endeavors: The two projects will identify numerous synergies for co-marketing, further enhancing awareness and spotlighting the innovative products being developed.

CardanoGPT’s Private round whitelist is currently in progress.

You can join the whitelist by completing the Zealy tasks at the following link:

About CardanoGPT

CardanoGPT is a pioneering Web3 startup that leverages blockchain to build a portfolio of AI-powered products specifically designed for the Cardano community.

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About Foreon Network

Foreon Network is a groundbreaking platform constructed on the Cardano blockchain, set to transform the prediction market landscape. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Foreon Network aims to establish a decentralized prediction platform that empowers its users.

Stay tuned for more updates as we are still working on a full and easy to understand documentation detailing our upcoming ISPO.

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