Foreon Network Development Update: Edition 6 (Wrapping Up)

Foreon Network
4 min readSep 18, 2023

Dear Foreon Community,

As we draw the curtains on another month of dedicated development and gear up for our impending testnet launch, we invite you to join us on a journey through the latest advancements achieved by the Foreon team.

In this edition, we’ll not only delve into our recent developments but also provide a broader context by revisiting some of our past accomplishments here.

API Enhancements: A Deeper Dive

Our commitment to improving user experience is at the heart of every enhancement we make.

In the past month, we’ve made significant strides in this direction.

Here’s a closer look at what we’ve accomplished:

  • Holistic Question Retrieval: We’ve introduced a system that enables us to retrieve all questions containing unclaimed rewards, regardless of their current state. This means you can access questions that hold prize tokens in their UTxO, whether they are open or completed.
  • Portfolio Streamlining: Our team has crafted a new API endpoint that empowers users to input their wallet address and receive a meticulously curated list that includes vital information such as question ID, question title, question state (open or complete). This is a game-changer for users seeking insights into their investment portfolios.
  • Efficient Caching: To optimize performance, we’ve transitioned to caching all UTxO-related information linked to questions within our internal database.
    This shift minimizes our reliance on Blockfrost queries, as we now exclusively query Blockfrost for user wallet information at the moment of balancing transactions.

Elevating User Interface: Aesthetic and Functional

In addition to fine-tuning our backend, we’ve also directed our efforts towards enhancing the Foreon platform’s user interface. The following are some of the priorities that have guided our UI/UX improvements:

  • Market Info Page: This is your go-to source for comprehensive market information. We’ve revamped this page to include an array of essential details, such as market images, descriptive titles (e.g., “Will Biden visit Hawaii by Friday?”), due dates, categories, trading volumes (in ADA), buy panels, and comprehensive market descriptions. Our aim is to empower users with the insights they need to make informed decisions.
  • Profile Panel/Page: We understand the significance of user profiles. Whether as a dedicated page or a convenient panel, we’re working on providing users with easy access to their profile information. This includes user addresses/names, a disconnect button for wallet management, portfolio volumes, and a detailed list of markets where users own shares.
  • Main Page with Markets List: Navigating the Foreon platform should be intuitive. To that end, we’ve made subtle yet impactful modifications to the main page, particularly in the section listing all available markets. Our goal is to ensure that users can seamlessly explore the wealth of opportunities on our platform.

Testnet on the Horizon

The excitement is palpable as we prepare to usher in a new era with the upcoming testnet launch.

We are working to ensure that our users experience a level of efficiency and seamlessness that we’re exceptionally proud of.

As we look back on our journey, it’s worth noting that each of these updates builds upon the progress we’ve made in previous editions of our development updates.

The Foreon team is devoted to consistently raising the bar, and your unwavering support fuels our drive to innovate further.

We’re in this together, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about what the future holds for Foreon Network.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to make waves in the prediction market space.

Don’t forget that our ISPO is still ongoing and you can join the ISPO here.

Warm regards,

The Foreon Network Team.

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